The Batman: Halloween Blog Hop

Halloween Blog Hop

So I’m back from Limbo for a very special reason: SMP is doing a Halloween blog hop and it’s just too much fun to say no to. And what’s in it for you? Free books, jewellery and cool stuff. 
That’s right, leave a comment and you’ll be automatically running for a tremendous giveaway and the final draw will take place at SMP on October 26th!

Now for my part on this deal: A piece on Halloween (which is actually a true life story)

When I was invited to Joana’s Halloween party, I was psyched. Back in Brasil we don’t have Halloween per say (it’s not really part of our culture), but we do have some great Halloween parties imported from the US of A.
Problem was, which costume should I choose? 

Now, I’ve always loved Batman, from age six to right now. Other girls liked My Little Ponies and Barbies while I dreamed of defending Gotham city from the scum that infested it.

“What about poison ivy?” Mom asked. “You could go as poison ivy.”
I shook my head, arms crossed.
“Ok, I know; Batgirl. She is so pretty, sweetheart.”
Head shake again.
“How about Catwoman? She’s powerful and strong.”
“Moooom!” I whined.
Mom breathed out in exasperation. “Fine.”

When Joana’s mom answered the door bell on that Halloween night, she came across a figure. A symbol. A myth.
“Oh, and what are you supposed to be, dear?” She asked, bending over her knees.
I spread my batwings wide and said in a low voice, “Lady, I’m your worst nightmare.”

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cerihebert said...

That is too funny! What a cute story. And my daughter would agree with you completely. Batman is the best!

Maggie Devine said...

Ha Ha - cheeky monkey. I love kids with an attitude, too cute!

Kaley @ Books Etc. said...

Ah haha, that is awesome! I love the spunk you had as a kid! :)

books.etc.blogger AT gmail DOT com

Mackenzie Crowne said...

LOL Way to stay in character. Too funny, Clara. said...

Ha! I can just see you as a little girl leaning up and saying that. So cute!

Krista said...

fantastic story Clara :) I bet that was a really cool costume !

Thanks for posting

Lydia Kang said...

That was a great post! I love Batman.

Nas said...

Hilarious! Loved the post. And I love Batman!

Talli Roland said...

Kids are the best!

Great to be here - sorry I haven't been by in a bit! Life has been slightly mental.

Susan Fields said...

What a fun story - I'm glad your mom let you pick your costume!